Sound Journeys 

Sound is a powerful sense and teacher. We can use sound to create measurable physical changes, to help us move toward activating the relaxation response and as a tool for concentration. Sound can also be used in a more journeying oriented method for exploring consciousness and layers 


Private sound journey sessions can be used for meditation, stress management, relaxation, and personal growth/exploration. They are also a powerful way to help shift perspective and work to help support energetic alignment. 

 Unique, resonant instruments such as gongs and Himalayan singing bowls are used to create an individualized 


I have completed many trainings in sound therapeutics in addition to being a musician & sound worker. My training includes Western science perspectives on the workings of sound and the Eastern philosophies/sciences. These training also include specialized studies in gongs, metal singing bowls and exposure to many indigenous instruments from across the world and their use in shamanic practices.


I have a background working with those who are living mental health issues, trauma, traumatic/acquired brain injuries, neurodevelopmental issues, who are on the spectrum or have mobility issues. I also specialize in working with those who experience chronic burnout and compassion fatigue. 


 I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation to answer any questions and to see if I am the right match for you. You can contact me via email here with questions or to schedule a session.


Private sessions: $75 for 60 minutes


30-minute specialized sessions also available for children/teens (ages 8-17)

Please contact me for more information



For additional information or to book a session email me here.

Above is one of my gongs that I use in sound work sessions. To the right I am exploring lots of amazing bowls during a Himalayan Singing Bowl training.