Individualized Yoga Sessions


Yoga is not really a practice, it's a state of being. The poses, breathing practices, meditation, philosophy and the more esoteric components of subtle body energies are a gateway to move towards this state. Yoga is sometimes defined as a state of union, of wholeness.


Private yoga sessions are helpful options for many reasons:

-to explore an element of your practice more in-depth

-to refine your skills in exploring these practices in a more 

-to help explore practices to cultivate more relaxation, grounding, balance, concentration, and inner/outer alignment


My studies as a yoga teacher have led me to alignment through both Western anatomy & neuroscience lens in addition to Eastern-based philosophical & subtle body energetic models. 


Sessions draw from my in-depth studies of Hatha, restorative, vinyasa & yin yoga practices. Sessions may be very energetic, relaxing or a combination. This will be determined based on your personal intentions for exploring individualized sessions in addition to recommendations based on my many years as a practitioner, teacher, and guide.


Private sessions can also be a helpful option for those who find public classes to not be accessible for a variety of reasons. I have a background working with those who are living mental health issues, trauma, traumatic/acquired brain injuries, neurodevelopmental issues, who are on the spectrum or have mobility issues. I also specialize in working with those who experience chronic burnout and compassion fatigue. 


 I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation to answer any questions and to see if I am the right match for you. You can contact me via email here with questions or to schedule a session.


Private Sessions: $75 for 60 minutes