Sher Levesque

~Gong/Soundscape Artist~

~Healing Arts Practitioner~

The Journey



My journey with movement as a tool for embodiment started as a child, growing up with studying different forms of dance. I also spent time wandering through the woods around me, using hiking as a way to be in the moment. Yoga was on my radar for some time. I took my first yoga class in my last semester in college, an Iyengar based class to satisfy the one credit I needed to graduate. After college and throughout my twenties, yoga was a mind-body practice to help calm my nervous system, manage compassion fatigue from a career in the public health field and to explore my spirituality. In my thirties, I took my first yoga teacher training, a 200-hour Hatha program with Jen Ryan that exposed me many philosophies, practice and gave a solid teaching foundation for a 200-hour level. Always a student, I've gone on to complete several additional teacher training, also being certified as a Prana Vinyasa (Shiva Rea) & Kundalini Yoga (Hari Kaur Khalsa) teacher. I have completed yoga teacher trainings in Restorative (Sudha Lundeen, & Judith Hanson Lasater), Yin (Josh Summers & Biff Mithofer) & Trauma Sensitive Yoga (Dave Emerson) & Yoga Therapeutics/Restorative Yoga (Cora Wen). I've also taken many other trainings in anatomy, philosophy and the more esoteric elements of the study of yoga. 



My journey with meditation also started when I was young, using nature, movement and music as a ways to cultivate awareness, concentration and as avenues to foster my creativity. Sound became an anchor early in my life, having grown up studying music/playing instruments and even being a music major my first semester in college. In my teens I began to practice seated meditation influence by Buddhist & Hindu practices. After college I took a introduction to meditation series which was my first formal introduction and have gone on to explore my types of meditation. Mantra, movement/somatic, ritual & sound based meditation practices have had the most powerful impact on my life. I have completed training in iRest (yoga nidra meditation) and have studied sound as a therapeutic tool for for many years with Mitch Nur through 9 Ways Academia. I use instruments such as gongs and Himalayan singing bowls in my work. 



My journey with vibrational medicine also started a long time ago, being exposed to Reiki & crystal work just before I was a teenager. Having a strong kinesthetic connection to the world, I was easily able to "feel" the energy of these modalities. I often meditated with crystals and used Reiki as a way to also manage stress & compassion fatigue as I became an adult. Over time I completed multiple attunements in Usui, Holy Fire Usui & Lightarian Reiki modalities. I've completed training in crystal energy work with Kathleen Jackson (Melody's Love is in the Earth modules) and am currently completed my training in crystal therapy work with Naisha Ahsian through the Crystalis Institute.  



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Private Sessions

Individualized private sessions are offered locally Greenfield/Deerfield, Massachusetts areas and in southern Vermont. Please see the individual tabs for information on specific offerings and scheduling. I also offer private sessions at locations where I hold events when traveling.