Sher Levesque

~Gong/Soundscape Artist~

~Healing Arts Practitioner~


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The Journey

I grew up studying dance & music, embracing them as forms of art to start. I also had a strong interest in more esoteric and energetically oriented practices, exploring working with Reiki and crystals before I was a teenager. My time spent in nature influenced the emergence of my meditation practice while in high school. I was an education/performance major in my first semester in college, before moving my studies to psychology. In my last semester of college, I took a twice a week yoga course for credit. Yoga, like dance, was a practice that invited embodiment and other therapeutic benefits. 

I continued to cultivate my relationships with these mediums and areas of study and to watch them evolve over time. In 1998 I began working in the non-profit human services/public health field. Over time I worked in roles in direct client care, management, quality assurance, and training/staff development. My studies and practices in yoga, dance, meditation and energy work modalities helped me manage compassion fatigue. And to help in dealing with personal trauma experiences. I study both "evidence-based" and more "esoteric" perspectives of these mediums.

Over time I have completed many training and certifications and continue to be an avid student. I also value & have explored these areas from a more unstructured personal exploration perspective. Most importantly, what I offer are practices I work or actively work to embody and have integrated carefully over time. 

In 2010 I began teaching classes, events/workshops, trainings and offering private sessions in yoga, meditation (including sound) and energy work modalities in my local community. I also began teaching yoga & sound meditation classes to youth & adults receiving public health services due to having trauma/mental issue issues, brain injuries and other significant health issues. I co-taught a yoga series in several cohorts of a National Institute of Health (NIH) study for veterans to help manage lower back pain, a partnership between Boston Medical Center and the Bedford VA. 

Many have been teachers & inspiration over the years. My studies with these teachers has highly inspired and inform my work: Prana Vinyasa yoga with Shiva Rea, yoga therapeutics/restorative yoga with Cora Wen, Yin Yoga with Biff Mithofer, Crystal Therapy with Samaya Aster (Naisha Ahsian) and Sound Therapy/Gong Performance with Mitch Nur/9 Ways Academia. I also draw from studies in reiki, Ayurveda, nature/elemental systems, ceremony, dance/somatic practices among other healing arts & meditative practices. My studies of trauma-informed yoga approaches through The Trauma Center in Boston are infused in all my offerings. 

These offerings focus on integrative multidimensional experiences through these mediums that can be used for cultivating embodiment, therapeutic applications, dynamic self-exploration, expression or more esoteric reflections. 

Many of my teachers say the same thing: that these practices, to have a deep sense of self-awareness and skills for life nagivation, are ultimately about others. We engage in these studies, this type of work to help center ourselves so that we can be helpful to others. We can go into the shadows but our aim is to be able to come back out for the benefit of the greater collective.



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Private Sessions

Individualized private sessions are offered locally Greenfield/Deerfield, Massachusetts areas and in southern Vermont. Please see the individual tabs for information on specific offerings and scheduling. I also offer private sessions at locations where I hold events when traveling.